Monday, 21 April 2014


We had great luck and the wind veered, driving the massive fires in a more southerly direction. At 5.00 am the Sierra Cabrera mountains were still blazing, and the fire moved on South passing our village.

I will go out and take some pictures of the devastation. There are 6 helicopters working at the moment. !   

We are a full house, 16 people and 8 dogs. ! It is a good thing we did not have to evacuate the village, though about half the village did leave. !

We are a good team, some worry, of course, but zero panic.

Pics later. Love, David.

It is now 3.30 in the morning and I have just taken these pictures. The Guardia are saying they may well order evacuation in 2 or 3 hours. Personally I think we will be OK as the wind is dropping and I think veering to the North.

Taken from the Mirador. It is kind of apocalyptic.

Looking up to towards Hueli.

This is wildfire completely out of control with a 40 to 40 kph wind from the West.

 This is a little bit worrying. It is now 12.45 at night and I have just taken these photos.. ! We can smell the smoke in the village and the quarry are getting their diesel out. Hmmmm. I hope we don't loose our communications gear. We are in a dodgy situation. I have never seen such a big fire. It looks like something out of The Lord of The Rings. Mordor. !!!

Monday, 24 March 2014

In protection of the Amazon. An Article.

Here is an article that I wrote last week for Eco Hustler. It covers my experiences and the actions that we have taken, and are continuing to take,  in defense of tribal values and in defense of the Amazon and it's fragile and incredibly diverse eco-systems.

I hope you enjoy the read. Big hug to you all.  David.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A school for future leaders of the Shuar in South Eastern Ecuador

I am happy to be able to tell you that we have been able to fund a start up for a school to educate 50 future leaders of the Shuar in the recognition and re-enforcement of their Culture, their ability to work together, in how to stand up for their rights against Transnational Mining Companies, in re-introducing inter community trading, and in the re-building of their power of autonomy as a recognized Nation within Ecuador.
The School will open on the 4th of April this year and there is to be a convocation of all the provinces.

Friday, 24 January 2014

A couple more pictures of Findhorn. The whisky Barrel houses and a general view.

This morning I visited the spinning and weaving ladies.

A loom and a spinning wheel. 

A small working loom. 

I am on the move again. I am going up to Findhorn. I am attending another Conference on The Rights of Nature which is starting tomorow

Almeria airport and a nice plane from Air Nostrum. Not many of us on board. !!

And here is Findhorn.

And the beach. Very Brrrrrrr. !

Back in Spain and on the road to Almeria. !!

The openning of an International Tribunal for the protection of The Rights of Nature in Quito.

The Mirador Mine is included in this Tribunal and is recognized as being a severe abuse of the Rights of Nature.

Below is a picture that I took from my hotel room in Quito. Early morning clouds. !

This is our "Rights of Nature" Conference Hacienda just outside Otavlo, the conference room, and the gardens.

These two pictures are of my room and of the Conference Room.You can see Vandana Shiva and some other "movers and groovers" on the International scene.

Outside the conference room.

The gardens. This was a great "venue".

I took a "chill out" day in the park in Quito. This is a Sunday in Quito

Thursday, 9 January 2014

 Bananas for sale.
Good words on the garbage truck. !

In the jungle with Natemamu Crew. !!

 Going out to the jungle
 The ceremony site
 Here´s a familiar face !
 And more of the "usual suspects". !
 Getting ready for the 5 hour walk to "the sacred waterfall" where the team will open the Natemamu with an ancient tobacco ceremony.
 For me, back in Gualaquiza to take the night bus to Quito. !